Latin American Wild Felid Research Grant


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Latin American Wild Felid Research Grant

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Image bullet: Puma trackBackground

Through support from The Summerlee Foundation, the Wild Felid Research and Management Association has been given the opportunity to award grants to well-deserving projects on wild felids in Latin American countries. 

Information on applying for the Latin American Wild Felid Grant is provided below. You can also download the instructions here>

For instructions in Spanish go here>


Image bullet: Puma trackPurpose of the fund

The Wild Felid Research Grant will provide financial assistance to university or NGO projects on wild felid research, with the understanding that the research will promote a better understanding of the focus species and aid in its sound management and conservation. The grants, totaling $25,000, will be awarded by July 15, 2015. Each selected recipient will receive up to $5,000, depending on need and perceived benefits.  Grantees will be recognized in the WFA’s newsletter, the Wild Felid Monitor and will be required to write two articles on their project’s progress.  Grant applications will be evaluated based on: demonstrated need for financial aid; development of and conducting a research project that aims to improve our understanding of wild felid biology, management and/or conservation of wild felids; and a detailed study plan with accompanying sound, appropriate, scientific methodology. The grant is only open to projects conducted in Latin American countries. The project must have a collaborator in the host country with preference given to projects with a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI in the host country. Any affiliation with WFA Council must also be disclosed.


Image bullet: Puma trackGrant Fund Administration

The WFA’s Grant Committee administers the Latin American Wild Felid Research Grant and selects recipients, who are subject to approval by a majority of the WFA Council. In the event that WFA does not receive enough qualified applications, and there are funds remaining, WFA reserves the right to re-advertise the grant until the entire $25,000 is allocated. All Committee decisions are final.


Image bullet: Puma track Application Criteria

Applicants for the Wild Felid Research Grant must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a member of the Wild Felid Research and Management Association.
  2. Recipients of the Wild Felid Research Grant agree to provide two articles on the project to appear in the Wild Felid Monitor, the first during the year in which the grant is used and the second within 1 year after the grant has been disbursed. Articles should be sent electronically to the newsletter editor with a copy to the Grant Committee Chair.
  3. Recipients must submit a final report after all funds are disbursed. Unused funds must be returned to WFA. Final reports sent to the WFA Grant Committee Chair must include an accounting of how funds were expended.
  4. Recipients must be conducting research in a Latin American country with a collaborator from the host country.
  5. The grant money must be used on the Latin American research project described in the grant proposal.
  6. Applications must be submitted in English and in MS Word or PDF format.

Image bullet: Puma track Application

The application includes 4 parts (all in 1 document) along with a separate CV. Applicants will be advised of application status by July 15.

1. Title Page.

  • Project title
  • Applicant information: names, titles, addresses, affiliations and phone numbers of principal investigators and cooperators
  • Proposal summary (300 word limit)

2. Proposal Body (up to 4 pages).

  • Project objectives: Describe objectives that will be accomplished with requested funds. If pertinent, also describe objectives of larger project of which proposed project is a component.
  • Project justification: Why project is valuable, history of the management or conservation issue, who requires the information/product and how it will be used.
  • Project methods and dollar amount requested
  • Summary project budget (include other sources of funding)
  • Completion schedule and anticipated outcome (i.e., benefits to management, conservation, education)
  • A list of previous products, if any (e.g., scientific papers), tied to this research project.

3. Brief biographies/ roles of key project personnel (maximum of 1 page).

4. Detailed budget table.

  • This should illustrate how funding will be allocated (maximum 1 page). Because WFA grants are comparatively small and limited, WFA policy is to not pay indirect or overhead costs. Please include as many of the legitimate project costs as possible in the budget.

** We also request that the applicant provide a Resume or CV in a separate file.

Image bullet: Puma track Submitting the application

Applicants must submit their applications electronically and keep applications as simple as possible.  Please clearly name files with your last name and subject (e.g., Smith_LAWFGrant_CV.doc and Smith_LAWFGrant_Proposal.doc).


All application materials must be received by the Grant Chairperson by May 15, 2015. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Email completed applications to:

Anthony Giordano, WFA Grant Committee Chair, at
Please put “Latin American Wild Felid Grant Application” in the subject line.