The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 11, Issue 1 (current issue)


Vol11, I1

Winter 2018

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3 From the President
4 WFA Council & WFA Committees - 2017
5 Announcing 2018 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship
6 Announcements
7 Report on the 28th ICCB
8 Regional News
23 Literature Cited in this Issue
28 Recent Publications
30 Research Highlights
31 Student & Regional Representatives
10 Conservation status of the ocelot in Brazil
14 Where are the ocelots: Reconsidering their distribution across the Gran Chaco
16 Local population status, activity, and habitat associations of the ocelot in northern Quintana Roo, Mexico
18 Ocelot population density in seven study sites over multiple years in Belize
20 Ocelot conservation status in the Laguna Madre region, Tamaulipas, Mexico
22 Estimating ocelot survival in two sites with 6 more years of data in Belize


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Vol 11, I1

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