The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 4, Issue 1

Image: Wild Felid Monitor vol. 4 issue1

Winter 2011

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In This Issue

Cover Story
1 Fragmentation and connectivity of wild felid habitat
WFA Council News
4 From the President
5 Call for WFA Student Representatives
6 WFA Council & Committees
7 WFA Regional Representatives
7 Call for WFA Regional Representatives
8–9 Regional reports
10 Management updates
11 New WFA networking
12 2011 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship announcement
13 Advantages of a rangewide public access genetic database
for pumas
13 Florida panther experts honored by USFWS
25–26 WFA member application and survey
27 Future Events
28 WFA Position Available
Student Corner
16 The Chaco jaguar conservation project: an update
17 Oil palm and tigres
18 Spatial and genetic patterns of ocelots in a fragmented landscape
19 An integrated approach to evaluate human-carnivore interactions in the South Rift Valley of Kenya
Notes from the Field
20 A jaguar corridor in western Mexico
21 The uncertain future of wildcats in the Argentine Espinal
Research Highlights
22–23 Research abstracts
24 Recent publications


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