The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 4, Issue 2


WFM Vol4, Issue2

Summer 2011

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In This Issue

Cover Story
1 Noninvasive monitoring of wild felids: A powerful survey approach....
WFA Council News
3 From the President
4 WFA Council and Committees
5 WFA Regional and Student Representatives
6 Research, conservation and management updates
10 Conference review: 10th Mountain Lion Workshop
11 Workshop review: Mountain lion workshop at the 2011 TWS Annual Meeting
14 2011 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarships awarded
29 WFA member application
30 Member Q&A Corner
31 Future Events
32 Get involved with the WFA
32 About the WFA
18 Mountain lions in the Midwestern United States
19 Environmental education for wild felid conservation
Notes from the Field
20 Using modern technology to examine cougar behavior in central Utah, USA
21 Uncovering the mechanisms behind bobcat recovery in Ohio, USA
22 Finding the balance: Mitigating human-carnivore conflicts in the tropical lowlands of Guatemala
23 Assessing the impacts of land use and community composition on the relative abundance and distribution of jaguars in Chiapas, Mexico
Tools of the trade
24 Differences in detection probability between camera trap types for surveying bobcats in a fragmented suburban landscape
25 The magical-mystical cat: the researcher's dilemma
Research Highlights
22–23 Research abstracts
24 Recent publications


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