The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 5, Issue 2

WFM Vol 5 Issue 2

Summer 2012

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Council news
3 From the President
4 Q & A Corner
7 Regional Updates
22 Research Highlights
26 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarships awarded
28 Call for WFA Student Representatives
29 WFA Council
30 WFA Regional and Student Representatives
31 In Memoriam: Warren Ballard
32 About the WFA
Invited Article
11 Structuring felid management for science
notes from the field
15 Evidence that cougars are attempting to recolonize the Midwest: analysis of cougar confirmations
18 Linking the jaguar in Costa Rica: the use of the Barbilla Biological Corridor by the jaguar and its prey
19 Potential impacts of the Eagle Ford Shale development on the cougar population in south Texas
20 High cougar mortality following a severe winter in west-central Alberta, Canada
21 Which cat is that? Sometimes even observations are challenging


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