The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 6, Issue 1


WFM Vol6I1

Winter 2013

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Council news
3 From the President
4 Q & A Corner
6 Regional Updates
11 19th Annual Wildlife Society Conference
24 Literature Cited in this Issue
25 Research Highlights
26 2013 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship
29 WFA Council and WFA Committees
30 WFA Regional and Student Representatives
31 In Memoriam: Deanna Dawn
Management News
9 Orphaned kittens in Washington lead to a decade of nationwide cougar education
Invited Article
11 Forgotten Tiger Land: Use of non-invasive monitoring techniques for understanding the ecology of the elusive tiger
Notes from the Field
14 Crawling towards species conservation: First pumas monitored by GPS at Brazilian anthropized Cerrado
16 Felid use of wildlife crossing structures in Utah, USA
17 Preliminary data and future prospects of a review on within-Carnivora interspecific killing on and by the Felidae
18 Update on the Teton Cougar Project
19 Coexistence of four felids in the Sierra Madre Mountains of northeastern Sonora, Mexico
Tools of the Trade
21 Application of a new genetic sampling technique for clouded leopard hair and scat samples
22 What is a pampas cat?
23 Tweeting is not just for ornithologists anymore


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WFM Vol6I1


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