The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 6, Issue 2


WFM Vol6, Issue 2

Summer 2013

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Council news
3 From the President
4 The Editor's Desk
5 Q & A Corner
6 Candidates for WFA Council
24 Literature Cited in this Issue
8 2013 Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship Recipients & Applicants
10 Regional News
27 Literature Cited in this Issue
28 Research Highlights
29 Recent Publications
30 WFA Council & Committees
31 WFA Regional & Student Representatives
Management News
14 Orphaned kittens in Washington lead to a decade of nationwide cougar education
Invited Article
15 Anticoagulant rodenticides: A cryptic threat to wild felid populations.
Notes from the Field
18 Andean cat in northern Patagonia: Linking conservation to research
20 Living on the edge: Cougar-prey dynamics in the northern Mojave Desert
22 Ocelots, rice paddies, and ecotourismm in the Brazilian Pantanal
Tools of the Trade
23 Noninvasive tracking of jaguars and co-occurring Neotropical felids in Belize by genotyping feces and remote camera trapping
25 Bobcat response to sound lures: A pilot study
26 Using aircraft to locate roving bobcats


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