The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFM Vol. 7, Issue 1


WFM Vol7I1

Winter 2014

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Council news
3 From the President
4 The Editor's Desk
5 Q & A Corner
7 Announcements
9 WFA Scholarship Applicants
10 Regional News
28 Literature Cited in this Issue
29 Research Highlights
32 Recent Publications
34 WFA Council & Committees
35 WFA Regional & Student Representatives
Management Notes
27 Research to regulation: cougar social behavior as a guide for management
Invited article
13 The carcass chronicles: Carnivory, nutrient flow, and biodiversity
Notes from the Field
18 Ohio bobcats: reproductive chronology and den selection after over a century of absence
19 Understanding human-felid conflict mitigation: husbandry practices at livestock ranches affected by jaguars and pumas in Costa Rica
21 Ecology and conservation of caracal
22 Andean and pampas cats
24 Getting by with a little help from our friends
25 Arizona's 300-pound puma
Tools of the Trade
26 Monitoring mountain lion using footprints


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WFM Vol7,I1


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