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The Wild Felid Monitor is a biannual newsletter of the WFA highlighting current issues in felid conservation. Please consider contributing articles, letters, or other news that relates to wild felid management, research, conservation and education to future issues of the WFM. Please go to the WFM Topics page for more details.

Editorial Staff


Editorial Policy

  • Research, techniques, and perspectives article inquiries should be sent to the managing editor, Darby McPhail.
  • Send state/regional updates and/or inquiries to the appropriate Regional or Student correspondent.

To see a list of our Regional Representatives, click here>       To see a list of our Student Representatives, click here>   

Formatting Requirements: 

  • For Notes from the Field, Tools of the Trade and Perspective articles, submissions of about 750 words (1 page) are preferred; photos, drawings, and charts are appreciated. 
  • Submissions should indicate the type of article at the top of the first page along with the author's name, affiliation (if any), and email address.
  • Graphics (photos, maps, drawings) should be submitted in high resolution JPEG format (300 dpi if possible) in gray scale, and not embedded in documents. 
  • Fonts in tables and figures should be easy to read when reduced to fit 1 column width (3.5") or page width (7") 
  • Literature citations should follow Journal of Wildlife Management format. Example for within article citation: Smith 2020; or Smith and Jones 2020; or Smith et al. 2020. Example for full citation: Smith, J. 2020. Felid camera trapping techniques. Wildlife Society Bulletin 10(4):1-10.
  • Electronic submissions are preferred (; otherwise, please mail to the address listed below. 
  • Regional / State Reports should be factual, omit personal opinions, provide contact information for Principal Investigators and cite any pertinent literature. 
  • The WFA reserves the right to accept, reject, and edit submissions

Submission Deadlines:

Submission deadlines are strictly enforced.

June 15 (Fall Issue, articles, regional reports)
December 15 (Spring Issue, articles, regional reports)

Contact Darby McPhail, WFM editor, with any questions at 


Mailing address for submissions (email preferred):

Wild Felid Monitor
c/o Dr. Marcella Kelly
146 Cheatham Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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