The Wild Felid Research & Management Association


WFA Regional Representatives network on a professional level with researchers, conservationists, educators, managers and others working with wild felids in their state, region, or country. Regional Reps  are asked to provide bi-annual summary reports of current events in the area they represent (see examples in recent issues of Wild Felid Monitor) and to recruit others to submit more in-depth articles to the Wild Felid Monitor

Interested in becoming a Regional Representative for WFA?

The ideal candidate will become or be a current member of the Wild Felid Research and Management Association (WFA) and agree to act as a Regional Representative for WFA for a continuous period of at least 1 year (preferably longer).  The Representative must be actively involved in the research and/or management and conservation of wild felids.  A strong natural resources and scientific background is required.  The Representative must be able to communicate and network with professionals in the field of wild felid biology, with other WFA representatives, organizations, and groups so as to gather, analyze, condense and summarize science-based information on the status of wild felids, management actions, and threats to the sustainability of wild felids and their obligate habitats throughout an assigned geographical region.  The Representative must remain unbiased in opinion and maintain a high ethical standard and responsibility for all information presented for publication in the Wild Felid Monitor, WFA's publication.  The Representative shall be responsive to the Regional Representative Coordinator for their area: Latin America or North America, and must be timely in meeting publication deadlines established by the newsletter Editor.

If you want to learn more about becoming a WFA representative, click here. 

WFA Regional Representative Coordinators 

Latin America (acting) Linda Sweanor  
North America  Tyler Brasington  

Tyler BrasingtonAbout Tyler >

WFA Regional Representatives

Regional Rep Focus: Fernanda Cavalcanti 


Nicolas Caruso (2013- 2023)


Henrique Concone (2014-2023 )
Fernanda Cavalcanti (2018- )



Costa Rica

Ronit Amit (2018- )


Erick Ramirez  (2022- )


Diego Gilberto Baez (2019- )


Ricardo Moreno (2022- )




Maria Puerto Carrillo (2016- )

Western Canada

Sara Jordan-McLachlan (2022- )

Southeastern USA


Midwest USA

Suzie Prange (2024- )