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The North American Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB)

will take place

July 26 to 31, 2020 at the Sheraton Hotel, Denver, Colorado

This year’s theme is:

Crossing Boundaries: Innovative Approaches to Conservation

Abstracts will be accepted through January 21. 
Registration opens February 2020.

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The 13th Mountain Lion Workshop

May 11-14, 2020

Hood River, Oregon

Location: Best Western Plus, 1108 E Marina Drive,
Hood River, OR  97031

Coordinator: Derek Broman,

For more information as it becomes available, go to:

If you are a student planning to present at the workshop, please check WFA’s website beginning in February, 2020. If funds allow, WFA will assist 1 or more participating students by providing small grants ($100) to help with travel or registration fees.  





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The 2015 Latin American Wild Felid Research Grant

Through support from The Summerlee Foundation, the Wild Felid Research and Management Association was given the opportunity to award grants to well-deserving projects on wild felids in Latin American countries. 
Five recipients and their projects were selected for the 2015 grant and each was awarded $5,000. Information on their projects can be found in The Wild Felid Monitor, V9(I2) and V10(I1). We hope to offer the grant again in the future.
For information on the grant please click here


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Announcing —

The 2019 Latin American Wild Felid Action Grant
   Offered by
The Wild Felid Research and Management Association

Through generous support from The Summerlee Foundation, the Wild Felid Research and Management Association (WFA) has been given the opportunity to award 2-3 grants, ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 each, to well-deserving projects on wild felids in Latin American countries. WFA is looking for projects that will have a tangible impact on wild felid species and habitat conservation through: the application of biological information; education of, and outreach to, local communities; and/or implementation of innovations that reduce human-felid conflict and encourage coexistence.

For more information on the grant and how to apply, go here>

Con el generoso financiamiento de la Fundación Sumerlee, la Asociación para el Manejo y la Investigación de Félidos Silvestres (WFA, por sus siglas en inglés) tiene la oportunidad de otorgar de 2 a 3 subsidios por montos de $3,000 a $5,000 USD para proyectos de conservación de félidos salvajes en países de América Latina. WFA esta buscando proyectos que tengan un impacto tangible en la conservación de especies de félidos salvajes y sus hábitats a través de la implementación de información biológica, promoviendo la educación y divulgación para las comunidades locales y con proyectos enfocados en reducir el conflicto humano-félido y promover la coexistencia. Para mayor información sobre el fondo y como postular, visite la página web

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Past Mountain Lion Workshop Proceedings



Proceedings of the 12th Mountain Lion Workshop click here >

May 15 – 18, 2017 in Estes Park, Colorado.


Mountain Lion Workshop Logo

Proceedings of the 11th Mountain Lion Workshop Click here >


Image: 11th Mountain Lion Workshop

Proceedings of the 10th Mountain Lion Workshop CLICK HERE.

Image: Logo for 9th Mountain Lion Workshop

Proceedings of th 9th Mountain Lion Workshop (5.4mb) CLICK HERE

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