The Wild Felid Research & Management Association

WFA Elections


The WFA was established as a non-profit in 2007 with a self-appointed (interim) board of directors (or Council). However, the Council created the WFA as an organization with a voting membership (see the WFA Bylaws). Consequently, the WFA Council created an Election Committee and organized elections. We filled 5 Councilor positions during our first election in 2009, another 3 Councilor positions in 2010, and we filled the remaining interim positions this year (2012). Elected terms are 3 years, and Council members cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

All WFA members who have paid yearly dues or are issued sponsored memberships are eligible to vote.

All members shall be entitled to hold office and may be eligible to officially represent the WFA when appointed to do so by the Council or the President in lieu of the Council.

The Bylaws state that the Board of Directors (or Council) governs the WFA and is composed of five officers: President, Vice President (North America), Vice President (other than North America), Secretary, and Treasurer; and six Council members, five elected by the membership of the Wild Felid Association. The sixth is typically the past President.


Interested in running for office?

Candidates for Council positions are chosen by the Election Committee. Any WFA member can also nominate a candidate, though the nominator must verify that nominees are members and have agreed to run
for office and serve if elected. WFA members who are interested in being part of Election Committee or running for office, or helping in some capacity with future elections should Contact Us for more information.

  Election 2016 - For the first time, WFA voting was electronic and we also had our highest participation (~45% of
                            eligible voters).

  Election 2018 - Ballots were electonic and voting ended September 3, 2018. The membership voted for Vice President
                            North America, Vice President Latin America, Secretary, and 2 General Council positions.

  Election 2019. Members voted for President, Treasurer, and 4 General Council positions. Electronic voting ran from
                           August 7 through September 7. Candidate information was provided in the Summer 2019 issue of
                          The Wild Felid Monitor. 

  If you have questions, Contact Us.

  More information on the duties of each office are given in Article III of the WFA Bylaws. For more general descriptions of Councilor duties and responsibilities go here >

Election 2019 Results

The WFA membership elected a new president (Mark Lotz), 1 new officer (Treasurer Jennifer Timmer), and 1 new Councilor (Veronica Yovovich). Three Councilors were re-elected for second terms: Brian Kertson, Mauro Lucherini, and Toni Ruth. Because Mark Lotz was 1 year into his second term as VP, North America when elected president, Council selected Veronica Yovovich to serve out the remainder of his VP term (2019-2021). All other newly elected or re-elected board members will serve 3-year terms starting January 1, 2020. You can read brief bios on each of these members here>. Cheyenne Stewart (Treasurer 2017-19) and Linda Sweanor (past president 2016-19) will be stepping off Council December 31.